So yesterday my friends and I went to the Texas State Fair to gorge ourselves on terrible-for-you foods and play overpriced un-winnable carnie games.  After I dried my tears on losing out on that sweet giant gorilla, I took some pictures of the deep fried craziness. 

Tornado Taters with blue cheese dressing.  Thumbs up! :) like a really good potato chip.

Deep Fried Bubblegum.  Thumbs down :( It was a sickening sweet, gooey mess.  The “gum” is really marshmallows. Our second place for prettiest in show.

Deep Fried Jalapenos.  Thumbs Up! :) The dipping sauce was ranch dressing.  I liked that they were sliced O style instead of the whole pepper.

Deep Fried Loaded Mashed Potatoes.  No Thumbs :| A true meh.  For being “loaded” the only thing I could taste was the faux bacon.

Deep Fried Jambalaya Thumbs Up :) This was the 2012 Big Tex winner and it was indeed a winner.  Rice, chicken, tasty sauce and a bit of sausage all fried in a ball.  The only bad thing was the price - it was $4 for the one ball.  Other foods usually were 2 balls for that price.

Deep Fried Cookie Dough.  Thumbs Up! :) Really fantastic.  It was the best warm chocolate cookie you’ve ever had.  Crazy sweet though so I could only do 2 bites.

Deep Fried Beer.  Thumbs down.  :( I was told to put the “ravioli”  in my mouth as one piece to get the “beer” taste that never came.  It was just dry, slightly yeasty bread.  The sauce there is cheese sauce. 

Deep Fried Mac & Cheese Slider.  No Thumbs :| What you can’t see is that there is a very small and very dry beef patty under the fries.  The idea is deep fried mac & cheese square there, the beef patty, the waffle fries (and a bit of ketchup) all in a bun.  That said, the Mac & Cheese was really good - the rest not so much.  They should omit the “slider” stuff.

Viva Las Vegas Deep Fried Ice Cream. Thumbs Up :) and our personal winner for prettiest in show.  It tasted like one of those pink Snoballs but cold and creamy.  In short, tasty awesomeness.

Deep Fried Guacamole.  Thumbs Up! :) As someone who is very picky about their guac I was very surprised I liked this.  The crunchy outside, the smooth center, the perfect salt balance.  Ignore the ketchup - did not enhance.

Deep Fried Fruit Pie (Apple). Thumbs Up! :) ERMERGAWD - so good!!! I will dream about these pies. Warm and gooey, sweet and chewy. Loved it!

Deep Fried Cheese-on-a-stick.  No Thumbs :| Was hoping for cheddar cheese or a blend but it was mozzarella in a corn dog batter.  Not the worst thing but did not meet my expectations.

Deep Fried Butter.  2 Thumbs Up!! :) Best in Show, Best in Show!! So take a little cube of butter, batter it and freeze it.  Then batter that some more, fry it and put garlic butter on top. BHAM! The best garlic knot you’ve ever eaten. *drool*

Deep Fried Twinkie.  Thumbs Up! Not as sweet as I feared it to be, the center of cream and fluff kinda mixed together and became a new deliciousness.

Deep Fried Snickers.  No Thumbs :| I love Snickers but melting it all together with funnel cake batter on the outside and powdered sugar was not an improvement.  Somewhat tasty but too sweet.

Deep Fried Picnic-on-a-stick.  Thumbs down :( This was bbq chicken, tater tots, and pickles battered and deep fried.  Sadly, the whole affair was horribly dry.

Deep Fried Chicken Skin.  Thumbs Up!!! :) YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! The best worst-thing-for-me I’ve ever eaten.  I could die happy now.

Candied Apple. Thumbs Up! Classic good, don’t leave the fair without it.

Frozen Texas Sweet Tea. Thumbs Up!

Things eaten but not pictured
Deep Fried Bacon - Thumbs Up!
Deep Fried Cactus - Thumbs down
Funnel Cake - Thumbs Up!
Sausage on a stick - Thumbs Up!

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