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Selfie Without Me (Eminem vs Chainsmokers) by Mike Cicirelli


Source: SoundCloud / Mike Cicirelli

Stayin’ Happy (Pharrell vs The Bee Gee’s) by DiscoSid

Nice mix.

Source: SoundCloud / Discosid Mashups

Thug Dangerous (Bee Gees vs Tupac vs Busta Rhymes) by DJ Durrasta

Source: SoundCloud / Dj Durrasta

Save Shy Mack (Eagle-Eye Cherry vs Mark Morrison vs Diana King) by Kill_mR_DJ

Source: SoundCloud / Kill_mR_DJ

Could You Be Loved Remix (Jurassic 5 vs Bob Marley) by DJ Durrasta

Source: SoundCloud / Dj Durrasta

Poetic (Anna Kendrick, Kendrick Lamar ft. Drake, Florence and the Machine) by Isosine

This here is the best damn mashup of 2013.  It also was on constant repeat for my cross country drive.  *bow down to Isosine*

Source: SoundCloud / Isosine

Royal Sno0p (Sno0p Dogg vs Lorde) by DJ Schmolli

Need a convertible so I can blast this around the block. 

Source: SoundCloud / djschmolli

Skrill Smith (Fresh Prince of Bel Air vs Skrillex) by DJ~Noeko

dubstep/mashup of Fresh Prince theme.  Once heard, cannot be unheard. 

Source: SoundCloud / dJ~noeko

When No Diggity Escapes (Minus the Bear vs Blackstreet) by Cliffy Madden

Damn son, this is pretty awesome. I’m also a sucker for No Diggity mixes.  Love it.